What would you do?

When surviving all 24 hours a day seems like a herculean task

When breaths turn into gasps

When I  dread looking at myself in the mirror 

When the voice starts to choke

When tears start streaming down my face 

When sobs turn to silent shrieks

When the world comes crashing down my feet;

When there seems to be no way out :

I tell myself, “You are can do this! , If you believe you can do it, you can do it! ”  


15 reasons I won’t stop blogging

Here is my list: 

1. Blogging helps me think more. Putting your time into one thing helps you think deeply and come up with interesting puns, one-liners and ideas. In a way, it makes you feel smarter and gives you a sense of satisfaction.

2. It helps me read more. If you have to keep blogging, you also have to keep reading; for ideas, for knowledge, to open up your mind to a plethora of experiences.

3. I got to connect with several other bloggers. I meet people with the similar interests. Writing-reading is a great form of information exchange.

4. It makes me more open minded.

5. It helps me escape from my problems at least for some time every day.

6. It makes me feel more confident.

7. Blogging makes me more opinionated. To write is to share your thought. Blogging brings out those thoughts which have been bottled up since long. You have a platform to speak out loud and clear.

8. Blogging taught me the joy of appreciation. When you read someone’s post and say a kind word, it encourages the writer. It fills you up with zeal and motivation to do much better next time.

9. It brought smiles into my life.

10. Blogging led me to Twitter. And Twitter got me followers, readers and friends. It’s nice to know someone reads what you write. It’s always nice to have an audience you know.

11. Blogging helped me connect with myself better. Most of the times your thoughts are left wandering, unconnected and motiveless, floating ceaselessly in your mind. But when you get writing, they somehow seem to connect and it all makes sense. I am a reflection of my thoughts, when I connect with my thoughts, I connect with me.

12. It helped me stay strong even though everything was Jeopardised. It has been a tough,rough month, blogging helped me stay put.

13. It helped me expand my horizons and look beyond to some wonderful new experiences of others. There is something unique about every writer, and reading through someone else’s blog is like looking through their life. It adds more perspective through new colours to your shades of life.

14. It introduced me to blogchatter. It is a whole new world. A beautiful one. 

15. Blogchatter in turn introduced me to #HalfMarathon and half marathon is the best thing I have ever done. 

To a wonderful journey which has just begun, to new milestones, to new people I will meet, to amazing posts.

To blogging 🍾 


Abha Kulkarni 

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Twitter: abha_anil 

Snapchat: abhaanil 

This post is written for #Day15 of #HalfMarathon 

#HalfMarathon Successfully completed . @blogchatter 

We are the world

There comes a time, 

When we heed a certain call

When the world must come together as one

There are people dying, and it’s time to understand

That life’s, the greatest gift of all. 

We can’t go on, pretending day by day.. 

That someone, somewhere will soon make a change

We are the world

We are the children

We are the ones to make a brighter day

So let’s start giving..

A song dear to my heart. 

So much of chaos in the world, so many lives being lost, so many innocents suffering. Someone should own up. But who? We all should. Let go of the boundaries. Condemn terrorism, hooliganism and suffering. It’s time we get together as one.

Because we are the world

Written for #Day13 #HalfMarathon @blogchatter 

The devil wears Prada

I guess I have been watching a lot of movies after I stated that I hardly watch any. That’s how it works for me, always the opposite 😀 

‘The Devil wears Prada’ is an insane movie. If I could change something about the movie, I would call it, ‘The Diary of a workaholic’. 

“The Devil Wears Prada” is being positioned as a movie for grown-ups and others who know what, or who, or when, or where, Prada is. 

What does ‘The devil wears Prada’ mean? 

 “The devil wears prada” is an idiom used to describe something that looks good, but could bring distress. Prada is a well known brand and the devil an evil spirit that brings harm to others. It is also believed in many religions that the devil isn’t a little red guy with horns but a beautiful creature. His appearance is used to attract preys in order for him to “attack steal and destroy.” 

The plot has a main character named Andrea who is simple and passionate about being a journalist. In order to reach her goal, she tries to intern at various organisations. She comes across the Runaway magazine which is headed by Miranda. Runaway magazine is all about fashion, great bags, shoes and clothes. And here is Andrea, someone who pairs high heels with hoodies or sweaters with boots. It’s the story of how she has to work in a place where she understands nothing of what’s going on around her. She eventually becomes one of them dressing up , behaving like she comes from class. Only to realise later that , “The devil wears prada”. 

A wonderful movie on transformation, realisation and life. A must watch.  


Post written for #Day11 #HalfMarathon @blogchatter 

4 important lessons for life 

Today I happened to stumble upon a few documentaries of inspirational women of the likes of : Oprah Winfrey, J.K Rowling and Sheryl Sandberg. 

Here is what I gathered from them: 

1. Find your calling 

You are on earth for a reason. Make sure you make yourself useful for that purpose. Find out what your purpose in life is, find out what makes you happy. And try to connect that purpose to make someone’s life on earth, a better one.

2. Failure is inevitable. Unless you become so cautious of your next step, that you almost certainly stop living. 

Failure comes at different stages in everyone’s life. It comes to everyone for sure. Some early, some late. Some big, some small. Some painful, some easy. Do not over think. Don’t stop living. It is okay to make mistakes and learn from them.

3. While you are sitting around the corner whining about your failure, someone out there is preparing doubly hard to win. 

Get up, dust your bum, and get going before it’s too late. 

4. When life hits you hard, hit back harder 

 Life hits your with failures, fears and disappointments. And when you are trying to get up, it punches you again right into your stomach. Yes, it hurts. But, this is the time for you to make your lungs feel the air you breathe. This is the time for you to hit back at life, much harder than what it hit you. For, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. And you are tough!  

Written for #Day8 #HalfMarathon @blogchatter